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Monday, November 20, 2006

Every Child a Singer: Techniques for Assisting Developing Singers by Janice Smith

Humans sing to express emotions beyond mere words. Singing is obviously an important subject to Smith. In this article, ideas for teaching students and guidelines by which the teacher should follow are discussed. She first tells possibilities of why some children need help singing. Some of these reasons could be lack of confidence, auditory processing difficulties which result in inaccurate singing, hearing impairments, and other physical impairments such as a chronically hoarse voice. The article also discusses different things to practice with students such as posture and breathing. Warm-ups are essential and vocal health is vital. Asking a student to continuously sing louder can damage their vocal chords. She also presses on vocal exploration. Helping a child to reach both ends of their vocal range and to switch from range to range quickly is a good goal to work for. She talks about how the teacher should know what he is doing and be able to sing in order to teach the student to sing.

Professor Spiegelberg, I'm so sorry this is late. I did all my comments earlier and set out to find a good article to do my abstract with. I wrote an abstract and my internet stalled and I lost my it. Please accept this, I know I completely forgot about the whole thing last week.


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