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Monday, October 02, 2006

Who's listening?

I added a viewer counter to the bottom of the blog, which keeps track of unique views and referrals. You can click on it to get details. Of the last 100 views, two were me, five were visitors from my blog, and eighteen were the result of searches on Google or other search engines. 37% of the visitors were not you authors (the counter does count each of your visits as well). Here are the search phrases that brought people to your blog:
Anna Nalick piano notes
what does musically inclined mean
Rae Dawn Chong opie
high school musical
issma choir criteria
music college singers
what does musically inclined mean
an ordinary life
horn intro modest mouse
Depauw blog
music is necessary
what does musically inclined mean
opinion musical
Foxy Shazam!
The French Passion of Animality Opera Video

Note that many people want to know what "musically inclined" means. Perhaps one of you could work that into your next blog.


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