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Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Musical Debate

When I thought about what I was going to write for this week, my plan was to go off on this big ordeal about how you can't really debate about music. But then I realized I would be a hypocrite because I have debated about music many times.
While reading the previous posts I saw that many people decided to go at this from a subjunctive point of view, how they would debate about music. But I thought of it as more of an experience, how I have debated about music.
I know that this is completely a matter of my own opinion, but when arguing with someone about which band is better, I usually start off with the fact that, assuming the song is in English, I think it is best that the lyrics can be understood, and do not just come off as a bunch of mumble jumble screaming. I also like to bring up the question of if I can enjoy the music, or if it gives me a headache. I then continue on with points like these, obviously only expressing my opinion, but I feel that this is really the only true way you can debate music. I don't feel you can use research when it comes down to the question of which is better, because nowhere in the encyclopedia does it say that Backstreet Boys are better than *NSYNC. Sure, you could always compare record sales and concert attendence, but this really only shows whose fans are more commited(or have more money). It does not prove one is better than the other.
So in essence, my view on debating about music is that you should stick with your opinion. Of course in reality no one will ever be right, but really can anyone ever be right?


At 9/10/2006 5:45 PM, Blogger Kitt_Katt said...

I feel the same way. A person will not change if they like a band or a piece based on technicalities.

At 9/10/2006 6:57 PM, Blogger Renee said...

I like your approach to this blog a lot. I tried to read everyones post after I wrote my own that way my mind wouldnt bounce off of others. But anywho, I kinda wish I would have went about this blog the same way you did. For some reason, giving examples always gives the reader something to link to and therefore helps them understand. Hooray for you! lol

At 9/10/2006 7:28 PM, Blogger Becca said...

Debate is more than just opinion versus opinion, though. You have to bring serious facts to the table and use them intelligently to support your arguments. Backstreet Boys versus N'Sync is more of a discussion topic.

At 9/10/2006 7:42 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

I agree, music is hard to debate. Like you said there is no where in a book that says one is better than another. Refering to Becca's comment, yes you do have to bring facts to the table, but you can't deny that opinion almost always takes the driver's seat in a debate.

At 9/10/2006 10:20 PM, Blogger Nat said...

I agree. Any debate about music is solely based on opinions. You can't force someone to like something, if you could, life would be boring.

At 9/10/2006 10:30 PM, Blogger Vera Lynn Waters said...

hey, short and sweet. i like it. i think that if you and i were to debate about music, bands that is to say, we would probably be there a while. i have a feeling our preferences probably differ quite a bit. also, i REALLY liked your last line. it goes true for a lot of things, if not everything.


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