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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Though I rarely use these textbooks...

When I thought of which textbooks to use as my examples, french came as an obvious choice, as it is my only non-music class. Then I thought about my music theory textbook. This is a rather standart choice, since it encompasses all music students' duties to music.
My french textbook, Quant a Moi, is a thinnish book. Soft-back and costing almost $90, it is a dry, predictable book that leaves the palate desiring more. This is really what I expected my french textbook to be. Though it has good examples for understanding what to do in Cameroun, such as restaurant questions and simplistic things as such, there is no meat on the bone, only pedantic questions that serve little else than to annoy the reading student. The teacher refers to the book only rarely, so I don't have to regularly endure the pain inflicted by this book. There are three cd's that go along with this book that feature a whiny-sounding man. There are no examples in the book that go along with any of the cd's. Yet, this is still a good book.
The music theory book is fat and very heavy, as it is a hardback. It is very well done, with many different examples of each thing the book is trying to teach. Everything flows in a logical order, and, reading the text, almost all questions that might arise are answered. The only conceivable problem with this book is the price, but then again, since this is spanned over four semesters, I suppose that it is a good deal.
Of the two classes, it's actually very hard to decide which teaching style I like better, but I would lean towards music theory, because of it's logistics.


At 10/22/2006 11:58 PM, Blogger Dennis Fuller said...

yep, that price is a killer


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