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Monday, October 09, 2006

when music makes me loose control

Experiencing orchestra music live was usually just another way to open myself up to more music, and to observe musicians in action; but when the Minnesota Orchestra performed my favorite piece, Ravel’s "Daphnis et Chloe", I had a previous connection with the music. I had learned to play the piece, read about it and listened to recordings of it. From triangle ding to tuba rumble, I was familiar with it. When the woodwinds trickle in at the beginning I could watch the clarinets pick up where the flutes left off while I heard the same continuous sound. Experiencing Daphnis live was more of a trick for the ears. It had never occurred to me that violins made those chirping harmonics at the beginning. I was so accustomed to simply hearing those bird sounds, that seeing a violinist create them added a sense of wonder to what I was experiencing. Watching the bassists lean with anticipation over their instruments before the flute solo, I swear my heart almost began beating parallel to each of their plucks.
Before this concert I had a specific emotion in my mind each time I heard the piece. Experiencing the piece in person was like turning that emotion into incense and breathing it in, or creating a juicy piece of fruit and letting in run down my chin. If I were talented enough, I think I could even make a blanket out of it and cuddle to that specific emotion. I got slutty with Daphnis et Chloe that night sitting with hundreds of others in orchestra hall, and felt no shame. By the end I felt as though I were shaking, and all I could do was sit, eyes glazed over, in bliss. I did feel used, but didn't mind.
I want live music to make me lose control. If I feel as though the musical idea I have in my head has been lathered all over my body, the performance has been more than successful.

(Speaking of, Les Yeux Noirs definitely achieved that, and I was not even familiar with their music. LKJHSDLIFSD&**&IRYWEIUFYD*TUGHJ!!!!!!!! Les Yeux Noirs has turned me gypsy.)


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