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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Debating music fo shizzle

How does anyone debate music? Is debating Deerhoof any different than debating Mozart? Of course, but not really. You could take a monstrous potato-picking woman from Idaho and have her debate Nickel Creek and take a suave potato-eating man from Florida and have him debate Shostakovich, but what to debate? This is where y'all can get creative.

What are the things to debate? Style? Format? Creativity? Substance? Everything, really. First you got to start with a gooood question. A question such as "Was that composer actually creative, or did he just rip off the work of someone else?" Boom. There's a question. But for more contemporary things, like Deerhoof, one could ask "Is this music queer, or just understated?" Boom. There's another question.

Debating music isn't as hard or obscure as some people make it out to be. It's simply like debating anything else, but there's more subjective things to talk about, like sound. With writing or painting, everything is right in front of you and concrete, whereas music is constantly changing, like one piece of music can sound completely different based on the person performing it.

Just ask a question about the music, and there's the beginning of your debate. Happy eating.


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