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Monday, September 11, 2006

Some housekeeping

  1. Remember to make at least five comments each week, besides your own blog post. Your blogging grade is lowered if you don't have enough comments.
  2. For your autobiography revision this week, please include a link to the first version. Click "Permalink" under your post, and the URL of that page will be specific to your own post. Remember that the revision can be anything from small fixes to a completely different writing.
  3. In two weeks the blogging assignment is "Creative writing. How do I write musically?" For this assignment I want you to write about music in a creative way. It could be a poem, a screenplay, a short story, a word puzzle, or even a song. I'm giving you advanced notice so you have time to think about this.
  4. A little lesson on how to refer to musical works:
  • "Song Title" goes in quotes, with each important word capitalized (unless the poetry specifically calls for lower-case words).
  • Album Title or Title of Multi-movement Work is italicized except...
  • A multi-movement work whose name is a formal description is not placed in quotes or italicized. Symphony, String Quartet, Piano Sonata, anything that describes the genre of the piece.
  • Do include things like Opus numbers, the key of the piece, etc. that are part of the formal title, at least for the first mention of the piece. If the piece has a nickname, like "The Tempest," that nickname is placed in quotes after the rest of the formal name: Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, "The Pastoral." After the first mention the nickname can be used to refer to the piece for the rest of the essay.
  • Distinguish between a song and a piece. A song is a very specific musical work, typically with lyrics, that is a single movement. A piece is any complete musical work.


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